Zadok Perspectives - Issue 92, Spring 2006

Zadok Perspectives Issue 92

Society, Secularism and Zadok by Brian Edgar

The challenge Zadok faces by Doug Hynd

This is our Father's World by Peter Crabb

Psalm 23 by Alison Sampson

The dark side of globalisation: a driving force behind today's new slavery by Os Guinness

Voices at Work by Gordon Preece

The bargaining disadvantage of labour and the new IR laws by Craig MacMillan

The Church and a new world of WorkChoices by Simon Bibby

Reflections on Work Choices by Col Duthie

Freeing Speech (part 1) by Andrew Cameron and Tracey Nodder

Brokeback Mountain.
Review by Darran Mitchell

My Israel Question
Review by Christopher Davey

The weather makers: the history and future impact of climate change
Review by Mick Pope

The chosen ones: the politics of salvation in the Anglican Church / The New Puritans: the rise of fundamentalism in the Anglican Church
Review by Gordon Preece


 Latest Papers

S148 Does Religion cause violence?
By William Cavanaugh
Spring 2006
William Cavanaugh challenges the view that religion promotes violence. He begins by showing that is is arbitrary and illogical to divide ideologies and institutions into categories 'religious' and 'secular'. He notes that the myth of religious violence creates a convenient blind spot to turn attention from national and state violence and silence representatives of certain kinds of faith.

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S149 The Church as God's Body Language.
By William Cavanaugh
Spring 2006
William Cavanaugh argues that God intends the Body of Christ to be a visible, public presence in the world and that the church has a role to play in God;s salvation plan. We are called to be the embodiment of God's love in the world.

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